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Did You Want to See Some Fuller House Photos? You Got It, Dude!

Fuller House Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Netflix has released some brand-spankin’-new Fuller House sneak-peak photos, so let’s see what we can glean. First, Kimmy Gibbler has an amazing cat-shirtjacket, and Stephanie also has some kind of tiger-themed shirt. Assumption: Fuller House is going to have an underlying feline theme. The women all look surprised because Joey has obviously been Benjamin Buttoning into that baby DJ is holding. Oh no!

Later, Kimmy, Stephanie, and DJ all go to talk to a group of someone’s children who have probably never heard of the original Full House and are like, “What is this show we’re on?”

Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Meanwhile, Kimmy and Steph are like, “I’m over this! We are going to hit up some kind of late-night club party and pretend to be kittens!” (See above feline assumption.)

Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

DJ thinks this is a bad idea, but she’ll get over it because they all still love hugs! And then Joey is cured and becomes a full-grown man, humbled by everyone’s concern. Great!

Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Fuller House premieres on Netflix February 26.

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