wu goo

Ghostface Killah Has His Own Brand of Weed Called Wu Goo, Because It’s 2016 and This Is America

Wu-Tang Clan co-founder Ghostface Killah is releasing his own brand of concentrated marijuana called Wu Goo, because why the hell not? Once you get used to the fact that it’s called “goo,” you can try all of the flavors (after you get a card from a doctor in a mini mall); vanilla mango, strawberry, and pineapple coconut are apparently “for the ladies.” To promote his new product, Ghostface released a new song and music video called “Wu Goo” (odd choice). The video opens with a fake infomercial in which Ghostface and an HSN-style host discuss the product. She asks, “If I’m running errands one afternoon and find myself in a bit of a lull … ” and Ghostface promises, “We’ve got flavors for that!” Next up probably: Wu Choo — Cheetos for after you’ve smoked all your Wu Goo!

Ghostface Killah Introduces Brand of Weed