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More Evidence That Gilmore Girls Is Coming Back: The Stars Hollow Set Is Being Resurrected — Eeeeeee!

Word on the Stars Hollow streets for the past few months has been that a certain mother-daughter duo is coming back to town. That’s right: Everyone’s favorite show Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix, probably. (Like, literally everyone’s favorite show. If this show isn’t your favorite, well, then you’ve probably never seen it. That’s so exciting! Go watch! The pilot is actually really good. Probably the best pilot of the last 100 years.) Netflix and Warner Bros. haven’t officially confirmed the rumored four 90-minute movies, but Lauren Graham has not denied them. And now, to make matters better, Twitter user @CaddyGlass posted some photos of the Stars Hollow set being restored on the Los Angeles Warner Bros. lot. (Sorry, true Connecticut believers.) We’ve been so lonely and cold for the last nine years, and we couldn’t be less so now!

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Set Being Resurrected