Besides Being, You Know, David Bowie, David Bowie Could Also Do Pretty Excellent Impressions

Imagine being David Bowie, and then, on top of that, you are really good at impressions. You wake up every day and you are already David Bowie–level talented; then you go into a recording studio and knock out some A-plus imitations of your peers, just while screwing around. (Jimmy Fallon weeps.) This week, So So Glos’ Zack Staggers shared a 1985 studio recording of Bowie just killing impressions of Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen and others, audio he inherited after his father got it from producer Mark Saunders, who worked with Bowie on sessions for Absolute Beginners. You can read Saunders’s description of working with Bowie over at The Talkhouse. Spoiler alert: Bowie was incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. Seriously, how is all of this one man? Are there seven completely untalented people walking around just to balance Bowie out? Ah. Okay. Yeah, that adds up.

Hear David Bowie Impersonate Bruce Springsteen