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Hear Dilly Dally Run Through the 666 on This Great Cover of Drake’s ‘Know Yourself’

Photo: Corbis, Courtesy of Partisan Records

Everyone knows Drake is so sad. It’s part of his appeal for some, to be sure, but sometimes it’s like, Aubrey, man, c’mon, I can’t rage to this. So while “Know Yourself” remains a highlight off last year’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, sometimes I just want to really scream, “Running through the 6 with my woes,” without sitting through all the slow and spacious buildup. It’s a great catchphrase, even if you’re not from Toronto, but I do appreciate that the band that finally covered “Know Yourself” — Dilly Dally — share Drake’s hometown. They don’t, however, share his sadness. Thanks in large part to singer Katie Monks’s exquisite and wide-ranging growl, the grunge-punks turn “Know Yourself” — which premieres below — into a song that kicks sadness’s ass instead of taking a vacation of woes that would make even European Vacation–era Audrey Griswold say, “Whoa.” (This same voice helps Dilly Dally’s 2015 debut, Sore, stand out amid the current wave of sound-alikes.)

“Think about how intensely Drake has been saturated in cities he’s NOT from,” Monks tells Vulture. “Over here in the 6, it can be a lot to take in. I’ve grown tired of being annoyed by it, and decided to embrace my surroundings. It’s like, he’s just part of the scenery now. Another cool skyscraper or landmark. Something that we all share together, for better or for worse.”

That said, Monks adds, “Whenever I’m not in Toronto (on tour) and I hear Drake, it reminds me of home. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that, when something in your life that you never really cared for disappears … you realize how significant it is.”

As if Drake could let himself disappear.

Hear Dilly Dally’s Drake ‘Know Yourself’ Cover