it's never lupus

Hugh Laurie Will Be Playing a Doctor Again in Hulu’s Newest Drama

Quick, get the man a cane! Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/2015 Getty Images

The coughing, the sores, the antihero — surely, Dr. House, the signs point to lupus! But no, it’s not lupus. It’s Hulu. Yes, Hulu has made a 20-episode, two-season order for Chance, a drama starring Hugh Laurie as doctor — though this time as a forensic neuropsychiatrist named Eldon Chance. But while House mostly kept to the hospital, Chance, which is based on a novel from Kem Nunn, will take Laurie’s doctor into San Francisco’s criminal underworld, after “an ill-advised decision involving a patient possibly suffering from multiple personality disorder.” Room’s Lenny Abrahamson is set to direct a few episodes of the series, so here’s to hoping the criminal underworld is a little more palatable than Brie Larson’s room. Chance is set to premiere later this year, after the release of Hulu’s first two dramas, The Path and 11.22.63.

Hugh Laurie Is Making a Drama for Hulu