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Investigation Discovery to Air Steven Avery Follow-up Special Because They Know You Have Tons More Questions

Avery. Photo: Netflix

Did you finish Making a Murderer way faster than you intended, and are you now left thirsty for more details? You can close all of your Reddit theory tabs: Investigation Discovery have announced they’re working on a Steven Avery follow-up special that will air later this month. (They just knew you couldn’t wait.) Front Page: The Steven Avery Story will take a closer look at Avery’s case as it stands in the wake of Making a Murderer, which followed what happened to Avery — who is serving life in prison for a murder he maintains he did not commit — all the way through 2015. Since the Netflix show’s debut, the prosecutor in Avery’s case has said key evidence was left out, hundreds of thousands have signed a petition calling for a presidential pardon for Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, and a juror has come forward to recant his or her guilty vote. Meanwhile, Dassey’s lawyers recently took his case before a federal magistrate judge and are awaiting a ruling. “Following our investigation, we expect that Front Page: The Steven Avery Story will present crucial testimony and information that addresses many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery,” the network says.

Investigation Discovery to Air Avery Special