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Jane Fonda Really Wants You to See Tom Hardy in Legend, Compares Him to a ‘New Marlon Brando’

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Jane Fonda.

Two-time Academy Award–winner Jane Fonda used the holiday break to chill and catch up on movies like it was her job. (It kind of is: She had to submit her Oscar nom ballot recently.) After reflecting on everything she consumed, Fonda this weekend penned a New Year–themed blog post in which she highlighted two 2015 films and one actor that surprised her. Movie-wise she enjoyed The End of the Tour and Legend, and with regard to the latter, the double dose of Tom Hardy — who plays twin brothers in London’s underworld — especially captivated her. Fonda even went as far as likening one-half of his performance to that of Marlon Brando, whom she worked with in 1966’s The Chase.

“I saw The Revenant and asked who played the bad guy. It was Tom Hardy and then a lot of folks said, ‘You gotta see him in Legend,’” she wrote (not mentioning Mad Max, which the actor has much more of in store). “He is really amazing in this film. I came to think of the 2 brothers and [sic] different people even though Hardy was playing both. And, as the more together of the brothers, Hardy is like a new Brando.” Unfortunately Fonda doesn’t elaborate as to why or how, but it’s still a hefty endorsement for a movie star, whom many others have claimed has had his breakout year (including us) and is not slowing down — Fonda’s way of saying, Pay attention!

You can read the rest of Fonda’s post, which discusses more of her holiday and explains why she recently worked with an acting coach for Grace and Frankie, here.

Jane Fonda Wants You to See Tom Hardy in Legend