Jennifer Lawrence Says David O. Russell Would Help Her ‘Hide a Body,’ Which Is Nice, But You Know He’d Make Her Wear a Wig the Whole Time

It’s very sweet that Joy director David O. Russell would be the first person Jennifer Lawrence would trust if she ever had a dead person on her hands, as she explains in a new interview with Glamour. But can you imagine hiding a body with David O. Russell? You just know he’s yelling at you the whole time, telling you to lift with your knees, pointing out when you’ve got a bad grip on the corpse. Constantly fussing with your wig or making you put on different wigs entirely. Bradley Cooper’s there. It’s a whole thing. Winter’s Bone director Debra Granik, on the other hand — now that’s a director who can help you hide a body. The solution is always put it in a lake.

J.Law Discusses Who Would Help Her Hide a Body