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John Boyega Says Star Wars: Episode VIII Will Be ‘Much Darker,’ So to Know the Plot, We Just Have to Figure Out What’s Darker Than Straight-Up Murder

Photo: Lucasfilm

Oh boy, if you thought Kylo Ren was a-thrashing and a-slashing in Episode VII! After Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams both confirmed that the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VIII is indeed awesome, John Boyega gives us a teeny, tiny hint at what the story might entail. “It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited,” the Force Awakens star told Vogue. Great, so now we just have to deduce what could possibly be darker than all of the insanely dark stuff that happens in TFA. Let’s see, we’ve already got a fascist military force hell-bent on planetwide destruction, Stormtroopers kidnapped as kids and groomed into mindless killing machines, and that time somebody brutally killed that other somebody in front of those somebodies. (I don’t know how long we’re supposed to avoid spoilers.) Man, this is a hard one. Any guesses? I was going to throw out infanticide, but hello, Episode III. (Again, so sorry if that constitutes a spoiler for anyone. That movie came out in 2005.)

John Boyega Says Episode VIII Is ‘Much Darker’