Jane the Virgin’s Kate del Castillo Is Under Investigation to See If Her Tequila Company Was Funded by El Chapo’s Drug Money

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Kate del Castillo.

Welcome back! The El Chapo drama just keeps getting juicier! Here’s what you missed last time: Sean Penn wrote a Rolling Stone article where he met the infamous drug lord El Chapo (who had escaped from prison — again!) to get his thoughts on this whole drug-war business. But naturally, no one wanted to talk about that! They just wanted to talk about the fact that Sean Penn hung out with a drug lord. Oh, and the whole meeting was facilitated by Mexican telenovela actress Kate del Castillo, who not only played a drug lord on the show La Reina del Sur, but is a big fan of El Chapo (and he of her!). She even texted him, “I confess that I feel protected for the first time.” Sounds like famous last words!

Now the Attorney General of Mexico, Arely Gómez González, told the newspaper El Universal that del Castillo, who is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Mexico, is under investigation for money laundering, thanks to the possibility that her tequila brand, Honor del Castillo, was funded in part by El Chapo himself. No wonder they are such fans of each other! González also clarifies the situation with Sean Penn. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Penn said that he didn’t help the Mexican authorities catch El Chapo. But, as González states in this interview, they had been tracking El Chapo through del Castillo and figured out his location from their not-so-secret rendezvous. Whew. Got all that? Where is Rogelio de la Vega when you need him?

Kate del Castillo Investigated for El Chapo Ties