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Kate Middleton’s Visit to the Downton Abbey Set Was Plagued With Accidental Sexual Innuendo; Blimey!

Joanne Froggatt is quite charming. Anna Bates, too, is a charming (albeit incredibly hapless) character on Downton Abbey. So when the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, stopped by the set last year for a visit, Froggatt and fellow Downtonian Michelle Dockery tried to exude as much class and decorum as humanly possible while in the presence of royalty. Alas, it fell apart quickly. As she explains to Conan O’Brien (speaking of O’Briens — do you think she’s still living her life as a lady’s maid in India, or … ?) while on Conan: “We were doing a scene in the bedroom. I said, Yeah, not many people get to come in Lady Mary’s bedroom. And then I was like, Oh, my God, what have I just said?” Anna! What would Mr. Carson think?

Kate Middleton’s Downton Abbey Visit Got Sexual