Kate Winslet Predicts Leo Will Win the Oscar Over Michael Fassbender in the Battle of the Extremely Intense Dads

The London Critics' Circle Film Awards
Kate Winslet. Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

It all comes down to a duel of the dads for the Best Actor Oscar, and Kate Winslet’s money is on the one who had to squirm around inside an equine cadaver. “I think you can sort of feel it, and I think that everyone wants it for him,” Winslet told BBC News about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar chances while at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards. “It would be amazing.” Of course, by picking Leo to win, Winslet is by default handing her Steve Jobs co-star Michael Fassbender the not nearly as coveted Oscar participation ribbon. “It’s also slightly difficult for me to, because Michael Fassbender has been nominated and I was his right-hand woman for three months whilst we were making Steve Jobs and I saw how hard he worked. I think his performance is so extraordinary,” she admitted. “But I think yeah, you can sort of feel the temperature. It’s probably going to be Leo’s year.” When it comes to a matchup, comparing the two roles hardly seems fair. Not every dad gets the chance to fight a bear or eat raw bison liver. If Steve Jobs fought a bear, he certainly didn’t need to. And, really, he should have told someone about it because hello, Oscar biopic.

Kate Winslet Predicts This Is Leo’s Oscar Year