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Kato Kaelin Has Some Very Specific Complaints About The People v. O.J. Simpson

Kato, meet fake Kato. Photo: Getty Images, FX

One of the people to emerge on a first-name basis with America after the O.J. Simpson trial was none other than well-maned sidekick Kato Kaelin, and with the impending premiere of The People v. O.J. Simpson February 2, expect to hear a lot more from the Ur–reality star. In a piece for the New York Daily News, Kato fact-checks the FX production, and it turns out he has some quibbles! (1) The limo driver waiting to take O.J. to the airport wasn’t waiting alone outside, but rather talking to Kato in the driveway. (2) In another scene, Kato, played by Billy Magnussen, is seen eating a hamburger, but in real life, he had actually sworn off red meat for years. “Perhaps a small detail to some of you,” Kaehlin says, “but it makes me wonder if they can’t get the facts right, how much creative license will the series take on other parts of the story that can’t be corroborated.” Still, there’s more! (3) One scene shows a shirtless Kato running outside with a friend. Wrong again! Kato writes, “What they got wrong: I was an avid runner in those days — 10 miles a day, but always alone, it was my escape.” Ryan Murphy, you’re on watch.

Kato Kaelin Fact-checks People v. O.J. Simpson