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Killer Mike Schools Stephen Colbert, Representative for All White People, on Race in America

Killer Mike, we’re on to you. We see your soul-food hangouts with Bernie Sanders, we see your attempts at running for local office, we see your all-around wokeness, and it’s all starting to make sense.

Atlanta rap legend Killer Mike, of Run the Jewels, wants to be president. Sure, he hasn’t gone rogue mid-VMAs speech to announce such plans, but the signs are all there. Take, for example, his appearance on last night’s Late Show. He wasn’t there to promote an album (though he says RTJ3 is coming) or himself (though he is excited about back-to-back Coachella performances). No, he simply stopped by to charm Stephen Colbert, representative for all white people, and Colbert’s white constituency, with his supreme knowledge of racial politics. In practically one breath, he educated Colbert on the Blue Eyes–Brown Eyes project, institutional racism, empathy, barbershop politics, and why MLK would’ve been feeling the Bern, too. It’s really Mike we should all be voting for. He knows it, you know it, and now Colbert knows it. #KillerMike2020.

Killer Mike and Colbert Talk Race in America