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Kim Basinger, Patron Saint of the Erotic Thriller, Joins Fifty Shades Darker

Actress Kim Basinger participates in
Kim Basinger. Photo: Beck Starr/Getty Images

Kim Basinger is up there on Erotic-Thriller Mount Rushmore alongside Michael Douglas, Angie Everhart, and Mickey Rourke (Erotic-Thriller Mount Rushmore, if you’re wondering, is made out of billowing smoke and ‘80s synths), and so, yes, duh, of course she was going to end up in the Fifty Shades movies. Variety reports that Basinger has signed on to play Elena Lincoln, the older woman who introduced Christian Grey to the shocking world of BDSM when he was only 15. Transparent has already handled the realistic side of an abusive relationship like this, so we’ll leave it to Fifty Shades to present the steamy side.

Kim Basinger Joins Fifty Shades Darker