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Larry Wilmore Predicted All Your Black Faves Would Get Snubbed by the Oscars Last Night

In a galling but unsurprising result, all 20 acting nominees for the Academy Awards are white again, for the second year in a row. While #OscarsSoWhite has circulated on Twitter this Oscar nominations morn, you know who called it the night before? The gimlet-eyed host of The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore: On Wednesday night’s episode, Wilmore had correspondent Robin Thede come on to name just some of the exciting black actors and directors who would be snubbed early next morning, including Will Smith in Concussion and Michael B. Jordan in Creed. It’s a pointed, cheeky critique, but also a sly way of spotlighting great performances, like the one by Kiki Rodriguez in Tangerine. See you again next year — or until there is a massive structural overhaul in Hollywood, which won’t be for many, many years!

Larry Wilmore Predicted Oscars Would Be White