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Leslie Mann Hypes Using Weed Juice to Treat Insomnia, Is the Weed Spokeswoman We Deserve

How to Be Single star Leslie Mann stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and told an elaborate tale about using weed juice as a sleep aid. If you turned her story into a commercial, it would actually be an honest advertisement for buying and trying edibles on your own. Can weed juice potentially ease your chronic insomnia? Yes. Might you wake up stoned in the middle of the night, lose track of time and space and your own hands, and end up drinking way more than you need and sleeping for 18 hours? Also yes. One hundred percent yes. During Mann’s whole crazy weed-fueled night, you just know Judd Apatow was sitting on the other side of the bed, taking furious notes for This Is 45, repeatedly whispering, “This is gold!” to himself in the dark.

Leslie Mann Hypes Weed Juice on Kimmel