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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling’s Here to Teach You How to Pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s Name

19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Press Room
Brooklyn would be so much shorter if Gosling were an option. Photo: Jason Merritt/2015 Getty Images

Ryan Gosling may well work for Vox, because in addition to explicating the subprime-loan crisis in the The Big Short and feminism to the people of the internet, the actor has gifted us with the perfect Saoirse Ronan explainer. At the New Hollywood awards in November, Gosling told the people of Hollywood that “it’s Ser-sha, like inertia” (Say it out loud to yourself! It’s so useful). Thanks to the magic of Gosling, the mnemonic has spread. People reports that, at the 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala on Saturday, Saoirse thanked Gosling, whom she called a “blond Canadian jesus” (as one does), for teaching the world how to pronounce her name correctly for once. “Someone sent me a photo two weeks later of a cinema in Minnesota, and on the sign in the front it said Brooklyn and then underneath it said, ‘Ser-sha, Like Inertia,”’ Ronan said. “I couldn’t believe it! They actually put it on the front of the cinema, so the power of Ryan Gosling is stronger than anything else.” Take notes, Dennis Quaid.

Let Ryan Gosling Teach You to Pronounce Saoirse