Linda Perry Calls Out Lady Gaga Over Her Writing Credit on Oscar-Nominated Song in Perhaps the World’s Most Unanticipated Beef

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Lady Gaga. Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images

Unexpected beef is a rare and delicious cut of meat, and Linda Perry calling out Lady Gaga for a potentially erroneous writing credit on an Oscar-nominated song certainly fits the bill. Unfortunately, the credit in question is for “‘Til It Happens to You,” a gut-wrenching piano ballad about rape from the campus sexual-assault documentary The Hunting Ground, which really kind of ruins the taste. Perry took to Twitter last night, claiming that the “Applause” singer did so little writing on the song, a collaboration with songwriter Diane Warren, that claiming a co-writing credit seems almost impossible.

Of course, if many-time Oscar nominee Diane Warren did make the calculation that giving Lady Gaga a writing credit would bring more attention to her song and to the documentary in general, attention that might help her work win an Academy Award, one might assume she’d rather Linda Perry not completely blow up her spot on social media. Beef: the trickiest of meats.

Update: Warren has responded, calling the song a “special collaboration”:

Linda Perry Says Lady Gaga Didn’t Write Song Nom