Lindsay Lohan’s New Year’s Gift to You Is a Photo of Michael Cera; Treasure It, for It Will Always Keep You Safe

Lindsay Lohan knows that it can be hard to deal with the arrival of a New Year. Some celebrate with drinks. Others make Resolutions. Most crumble, inwardly, in the face of the inexorable forward march of time. Lindsay Lohan knows how to make it better.

Here is Lindsay Lohan’s black-and-white New Year’s Eve Instagram photo of Michael Cera:

It reads, “Happy New Years beautiful lands of the world that we visit, Mother Nature and Earth. God bless All in this year to come. Love and Live (yes, this is one of my favourite actors from several years ago with woody allen and john Burnham on #nye”

The parentheses do not close because time does not close.

Woody Allen and John Burnham do not appear in the photo, but maybe they do.

Michael Cera is here to make you feel better.

Do you feel better?

Lindsay Lohan Has a New Year’s Gift for You