Louis C.K. Releases Horace and Pete, a Surprise Hourlong TV Episode With Steve Buscemi

C.K. and Buscemi, just chilling. Photo: Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. and Steve Buscemi run a dive bar together — on their new show, Horace and Pete, though we wouldn’t put it past them to do so secretly in real life. The comedian released the first episode of Horace and Pete on his site this morning with pretty much no preface — you think he’d be busy enough with Louie and his other FX obligations. But Louie may be the Beyoncé of comedy (in this one instance, at least), because here we are with a surprise hourlong episode of television. Horace and Pete stars Louis as Horace, Buscemi as Pete, and includes guest appearances from the likes of Alan Alda and Aidy Bryant. Mostly, the characters stop by the bar and chat about current events, including the Iowa primary, giving the series a definite Cheers vibe. C.K. gave the series little introduction other than the message “We hope you like it,” a move that has become typical of the comedian’s approach to releasing material for his fans.

Louis C.K. Releases Surprise TV Episode