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Debating the Merits of Making a Murderer

This week on “The Vulture TV Podcast,” classic TV buff Stephen Bowie joins Margaret, Matt, and Gazelle to discuss the evolution of TV directing, a medium that, unlike film, has traditionally been a writer’s world. Who are some of today’s best TV directors, and can you make a name for yourself directing television without some films on your résumé? Plus, we debate the moral issues raised by the narrative structure of Netflix’s Making a Murderer, and why a series like this is ultimately a net positive for society.

There are spoilers in the following discussion:
Making a Murderer
, 16:24–43:04

Further reading: Margaret’s review of Making a Murderer; what was left out of Making a Murderer; Matt on why Michelle MacLaren is the best director on TV.

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Debating the Merits of Making a Murderer