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McG in Talks to Direct Sony’s Masters of the Universe Movie, and I Will Defend His Work on Charlie’s Angels to the Death

Executive producer Joseph McGinty

“The Charlie’s Angels movies prove my point” certainly isn’t a sentence anyone ever plans to type, but here we are. According to Deadline, McG is the latest in a long and storied line of directors linked to Sony’s Masters of the Universe movie. (As you might recall from being a child, Masters follows the adventures of warrior-prince He-Man and his motley crew of superfriends as they fight to defeat the evil Skeletor.) Okay, okay, sure, maybe not everyone enjoyed the Charlie’s Angels reboot as much as I did, but those movies at least suggest that McG can handle the mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy and legit action needed to make Masters of the Universe work. He-Man has a bob, for God’s sake! He’s also practically nude! Yeah, McG is looking like our best bet.

McG in Talks to Direct Masters of the Universe