reunited and it feels so good

‘Mean’ Joe Greene Reunites With Kid From Classic Super Bowl Ad, Brings Tears of Pure Coca-Cola to Your Eyes

If you’re like most Americans, the Venn diagram of sports, ads, foods you were forbidden to eat as a child, and your deepest emotions are pretty much just one circle. If that sounds familiar, then CBS has a real treat for you, both in the “food” sense and in the “tearing up at a commercial” sense! Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier reunited former Pittsburgh Steeler “Mean” Joe Greene with Tommy Okon, the little boy from Coke’s classic 1980 Super Bowl spot, to have a casual chat and also invoke a sense of penetrating nostalgia in anyone who has ever dreamed of meeting or even having a hero. The segment is part of CBS’s Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2016 special airing February 2. If they have the puppy and that horse from that Budweiser ad, then be prepared to sob like the child you once were into your name-brand snacks.

‘Mean’ Joe Greene Reunites With 1980 Coke Ad Kid