Meryl Streep to Teach Acting Master Class, Because You Didn’t Think Oscar Nom Day Would Pass Without Hearing Her Name, Did You?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Oh, is today the day the Academy announces the Oscar nominations? Huh, that’s so funny. An interesting coincidence. Coincidences all around. Because today is also the day you’re reminded of the dramatic excellence that is one Ms. Meryl Streep. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three-time Oscar winner will be teaching an acting workshop as part of the 66th Berlin International Film Festival on February 14. Three hundred students taking part in the Berlinale Talents program will soak up Meryl’s award-winning perspective on acting, which, again, she is literally the best at in the entire world. As for what kind of wisdom Streep will be imparting, well, only those 300 lucky sons of bitches will get to know.

Meryl Streep to Teach Master Class in Acting