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Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones Are Producing Pilots for NBC, Hopefully Titling Them With Compliments to Each Other

FIJI Water At The 2013 Gotham Independent Film Awards
The dream team is (sort of) back together. Photo: Bryan Bedder/2013 Getty Images

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are reuniting on NBC — or, rather, the two former Parks and Recreation actresses are both producing pilots for NBC, which is pretty cool, but several degrees of magnitude less cool than having them do a show together, like handing someone a popsicle after they complain that the polar ice caps are melting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Poehler’s comedy comes from The Mindy Project’s Charlie Grandy and it follows a party-boy son who comes back to his family’s home. Jones, on the other hand, is producing a multicam comedy called Good Fortune about a woman who starts taking advice from a fortune teller. Jones previously produced A to Z for NBC, which starred Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti and was much better than you remember. In a further NBC reunion-ish news, the network has already picked up former Parks and Rec showrunner Mike Schur’s comedy with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. May all the post–Parks and Rec projects prosper.

NBC Orders Pilots From Poehler and Jones