Neal Brennan’s Live Solo Show ‘3 Mics’ Debuts in New York on March 3rd

Standup, writer, and Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan is headed to New York for a live show produced by John Legend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legend has signed on to produce Brennan’s live theatrical debut in 3 Mics, which will run previews at the Lynn Redgrave Theater on February 23rd followed by an opening night on March 3rd. The show will be directed by Drew Barr and “sees Brennan alternating between three separate microphones, each giving voice to the various aspects of his life: the first microphone is marked by his sardonic take on race, gender and contemporary heroes and hypocrites; the second mic showcases his punchy wit with one-liners he’s crafted over the years but couldn’t find a home for; and the third stands for stories of his personal struggles, dealing with everything from depression to relationships.”

“To be on Broadway is a dream come true. Brando, Lansbury, Vereen…you name ‘em, they played here,” said Brennan on the news. “Like I said, Bleecker Street is a fantastic street. There used to be a Kim’s Video down there and it was wonderful.”

Neal Brennan’s Live Solo Show ‘3 Mics’ Debuts in New […]