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Netflix Is Developing a Punisher Spin-Off With Jon Bernthal Because They Know You’ll Love Him on Daredevil

Heck, we’ve already fallen for him.

Daredevil returns to Netflix on March 18, bringing two new characters with it: rogue, ex-military vigilante Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher (The Walking Deads Jon Bernthal), and Elektra (Elodie Yung). Aside from a few brief clips, we don’t know much about Castle’s role on the show — except that the season kicks off with a confrontation between him and Charlie Cox’s Murdock — but Netflix is reportedly so into the character that the site is considering a separate Punisher spin-off (a character Marvel has been trying to bring to the screen for years). According to TVLine, early buzz around Bernthal’s performance is “overwhelmingly positive.” If a Punisher series ends up happening, it would be the sixth Marvel show to appear on Netflix, counting Daredevil and Jessica Jones; planned spin-offs Luke Cage and Iron Fist; and the eventual Avengers-style crossover series, The Defenders. Prepare to spend many more weekends cancelling plans to keep watching superhero TV shows, is what we’re really saying.

Netflix Developing Punisher Spin-Off