outside-in living

Netflix Renews Kimmy Schmidt for a 3rd Season Before Its Second Airs, Because Netflix Believes in Outside-In Living

Smile on the outside and everything’s okay. Photo: Netflix

Perhaps inspired by Jacqueline Voorhees’s assertion that “If you look good on the outside, you actually become confident and happy,” Netflix has announced plans to renew Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for a third season, despite the fact the show’s second season won’t air until April 15. This is what’s known as “outside-in” living. It’s not so effective if you’re trying to get over the trauma of being in a cult, but very effective if you’re a streaming service betting on a critically acclaimed comedy from Tina Fey.

At a Televison Critics’ Association panel today, Fey also promised to stick to the same, NBC-friendly tone the show developed in its first season as it continues forward. “We wanted to make sure that even if we went toward more difficult ideas and in terms of the language and what you’re seeing onscreen, you can still watch it with a 12- or 13-year-old girl,” Fey said. “As a mom, I would hate to trust this show and then put on the second season and then there’s just prison sex. That has its place, believe me.” She also promised more personal growth ahead for Titus, who enters into a grown-up relationship and also produces a one-man play. Hearing all this, Netflix has probably decided to renew Kimmy Schmidt for 5 more seasons — why not?

Netflix Renews Kimmy Schmidt for a 3rd Season