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Don’t Tell Paul Giamatti That John Adams Isn’t in Hamilton — Oh Wait, Seth Meyers Just Did

Shhh! Paul Giamatti hasn’t seen Hamilton yet, and he’s looking forward to seeing how the hit musical portrays John Adams, whom he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for playing in the HBO mini-series of the same name. So … should anyone warn him that John Adams isn’t in Hamilton at all, except for one brief part where Alexander Hamilton tells him to “sit down, John, you fat motherf*cker!” (A longer version with more insults was cut for time.) What’s that? Seth Meyers just did that? Uh-oh. Luckily, Giamatti was fine with it, admitting that John Adams “was not a very good president.” Cool, Seth Meyers, yeah, no problem. Just maybe ask next time.

Paul Giamatti Upset John Adams Isn’t in Hamilton