People Have Found Pixar’s Favorite Code Hidden in The Good Dinosaur

Jet fuel can’t melt dinosaur bones.

Semantic question: Can you refer to something as an Easter egg if it happens in a film universe where Easter might not happen? In short, does Jesus ever get crucified in the Good Dinosaur universe? And do humans celebrate that event with eggs? In any case, let’s just say that Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has a hidden something. Eagle-eyed viewers know to look out for the code A113, which appears in nearly every Pixar film (and a few non-Pixar films) as a reference to the CalArts classroom where many of its animators first learned their trade. You might think that Pixar’s latest effort, The Good Dinosaur, would be exempt from having an “A113” reference (since a lack of civilization would imply a lack of alphanumeric writing system), but the intrepid people of Reddit have found the hidden code:

Asteroid or no asteroid, Easter or no Easter, the Illuminati’s chokehold on humanity remains as strong as ever.

People Have Found The Good Dinosaur’s Easter Egg