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Watch This Guy Stage-Crash the People’s Choice Awards, Promptly Receive the Wrath of Sharon Osbourne

The ladies over at CBS’s The Talk won for Favorite Daytime Hosting Team at this year’s security-less VMAs People’s Choice Awards (see all the winners here). Their acceptance speech was cut short, however, by some dude who maybe doesn’t like Nike and definitely thinks it’s cool to pull a Kanye in 2016:

The stage-crash was done mostly in the name of Kevin Gates, a Louisiana rapper whose debut Islah album drops later this month. Everybody looked like they wanted to end this kid, but Sharon Osbourne was the first to kick him off the mic (twice) — and then flip him off, because you do not mess with Sharon and her crew.

“Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman,” the guy added, inexplicably referencing Kanye’s “Facts,” before his charley horse set in.

New New Year’s Resolution for people, famous and otherwise, going to awards shows: Try your best to stay seated in 2016.

Random Guy Crashes PCAs, Receives Sharon’s Wrath