Production Assistants Sue Paramount for Labor Abuse, Like ‘Forcing’ Them to Poop in Their Cars

Paramount is one of the defendants.

Four parking production assistants are suing Paramount Pictures along with Nickelodeon Movies, Regency Films, and other production companies for creating labor conditions so coercive that they were forced to use their own cars as restrooms. “Due to limitations on their ability to leave their assigned locations, many of the Plaintiffs are forced to urinate and defecate into bottles and buckets in their vehicles,” say court documents obtained by the Wrap. The PPAs, who worked on films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Wolf of Wall Street, also allege that they regularly worked between 60 and 100 hours per week without overtime, and instead were paid a $150 day rate for what averaged out to be a 12-hour day. Further, they weren’t given access to the craft services on set, and during the cold weather they had to run their own cars to keep warm. They say they were not reimbursed for this. The PPAs are demanding back pay, damages for lost compensation, and other benefits they claim Paramount and the other defendants owe them.

PAs Sue Paramount for Labor Abuse