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Watch Questlove Narrate More of His Painful Finding Nemo–Prince Memory in This Hilariously Surreal Animated Short

In celebration of his Wednesday birthday, Questlove has gifted the world with a fuller version of an incredible story. Recall: Late last year, when the Finding Dory trailer dropped, Quest tweeted out a hostile hashtag, coupled with the claim that Nemo once replaced him as the entertainment at one of Prince’s parties. Now if you thought the idea of that evening sounded surreal, wait till you hear more of the details, which include a hot-pink stretch Hummer, a blind date, the Purple One doing his best Vin Diesel impression in a golf cart, and lots of Fela Kuti. Oh yeah, and seriously, a sketchy copy of Finding Nemo on DVD. Fill in the gaps by rolling the above clip, which features animation by Hectah and narration by the DJ himself. (P.S. Happy Birthday, Quest!)

Hear Questlove Narrate His Painful Prince Memory