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Rachel Bloom Looks Back on Working As Seth Meyers’s SNL Intern, a Good Reminder That Anyone Might Become Famous and Talk About You on TV

Being an intern is basically like being a terrified baby owl: You have no idea what’s going on, so all you can do is huddle in a little group and stare with your big, big eyes. Last night, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom reminisced about working under Seth Meyers as an SNL intern. Now, if Seth getting pissy about a salad is the worst thing that happened, the experience sounds pretty good all around. Bloom’s interview is a helpful reminder, however, that your work subordinates can and will become Golden Globe–winning actresses who subsequently mine their lives for fun late-night anecdotes about their old jobs. And they remember everything.

Rachel Bloom Worked As Seth Meyers’s SNL Intern