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Rashida Jones, That Beautiful Tropical Fish, Made a ’90s Music Video For Her Very ’90s Single

Rashida Jones, that beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox who you didn’t even realize came from a musical family (her father is Quincy Jones), has a new single out in partnership with her nephew, producer Sunny Levine a.k.a. Boss Selection. The song is called “Flip and Rewind” and it’s a passionately loving tribute to the ’90s. In the video, directed by Jones and her writing partner Will McCormack (they collaborated on Celeste and Jesse Forever), Jones brings it all back to the era of too-big clothes, random black-and-white intercuts, and washed-out jeans.

In a delightful interview between Jones, that cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish, and Levine in Rolling Stone, the two discussed their inspiration for the video. Jones said:

The inspiration for the video that Will [McCormack] and I directed was to try to evoke the feeling of the Nineties, but not in a mocking way. I think for you and I both, it’s such an important time musically, emotionally and psychologically. Every part of us formed during the Nineties, and we took all of the quintessential R&B videos from the Nineties and did our best to recreate them.

Rashida, you beautiful, nostalgic, bandana-wearing R&B star, you’ve done it again.

Rashida Jones Made a ’90s Music Video