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British Mortal Lands Lead Role in Starz’s American Gods Adaptation

Ricky Whittle. Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Starz’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has ventured off the beaten path in finding its star: Deadline reports that the upcoming Bryan Fuller series has cast Ricky Whittle, who is neither American nor (we’re pretty sure) a god, in the role of Shadow Moon, bodyguard for a conman who turns out to be … well, we won’t spoil it. Gaiman has previously said that a younger Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson would have been an ideal choice for the part, so Whittle certainly has the right look. The 34-year-old Hollyoaks vet is best known on these shores for playing Lincoln in The 100 — what this news means for his character’s survival on that series is unknown, but come on, we can guess.

Ricky Whittle Cast in Starz’s American Gods