Rihanna and Drake’s New Song Works, Works, Works

Take care, you two. Photo: Getty Images

This is a pop emergency: New Rihanna has arrived! And she’s back in action with Drake, reuniting on their third song together off Rihanna’s days-away new album Anti. The two connect over “Work,” a slice of reggae-pop heaven, streaming on Tidal and radio everywhere right this second. (It’s also now on iTunes if you’re still anti-Tidal.) According to internet sleuths, a video for the tropical house corrective has already been filmed, so it won’t be long before we all get to sit back and watch Rih work, work, work. And there’s more good news: Billboard reports that Rihanna is finally set to drop the album formerly known as #R8 at some point this week, after a handful of delays, meaning none of us are allowed to sleep until the queen says we can. Have your golden-tiara headphones at the ready!

Rihanna and Drake’s New Song ‘Work’ Is Here!