Deadpool, Which Stars Definitely, Maybe’s Ryan Reynolds, Is Too Profane for China

Sorry, Ryan.

Deadpool, a film starring Ryan Reynolds, who romanced Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, has been denied release in China because of its depictions of violence, nudity, and graphic language. China has no formal ratings system, which means the country’s authorities simply approve or ban all foreign films for Chinese consumption. According to The Hollywood Reporter, officials sometimes work with studios to create special cuts of R-rated films to pass the censors, but, in this case, the superhero movie starring the guy who played Abigail Breslin’s dad in Definitely, Maybe couldn’t be cleaned up without excising major plot points. Deadpool is set for Stateside release on February 12. Given its credentials as a Marvel superhero film (which just happens to star the actor who voiced Turbo), it could have done exceedingly good business in China (Avengers: Age of Ultron made $240 million there last summer). But, for now, Canada’s most symmetrical leading man will have to make peace with shocking the complacently bourgeois everywhere but in China.

Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool Too Profane for China