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Serial Will Now Release Episodes Every Other Week

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’Serial’ host Sarah Koenig brainstorming a new intro. Photo: Cindy Ord/2015 Getty Images

Serial has shifted its episode-release schedule to biweekly, the New York Times reports, citing narrative developments and calls for extra reporting as reasons. Prep your patience because the change begins immediately, with the once weekly podcast’s next installment of the Bowe Bergdahl story coming January 21. “There are more paths we need to go down,” EP Julie Snyder told the paper. “Since we started broadcasting the show, we have gotten more people willing to talk, and because of that, it has opened up more avenues of reporting.” (Specifics on these developments and sources have not yet been disclosed, but richer content should be a silver lining.) The two-week gaps reportedly continue for the whole season, expected to now extend past March, with somewhere north of the originally planned ten episodes. Host Sarah Koenig will have to change her intro and you will have to find a biweekly alternative for your Thursday commute, but hey, there are worse things. (Also, we have you covered with options for the latter.)

Serial to Now Release Episodes Every Other Week