Seth Meyers Will Host Late Night Until at Least 2021, Which Is Only 5 Years From Now Even Though It Sounds Like the Distant Future

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 3
Seth Meyers is at a desk.

In February, Seth Meyers will celebrate his second anniversary at Late Night, and what better gift to get for your anniversary than the promise of five more years? Well, maybe, like, earrings or a gold watch or something, but he can probably buy that stuff himself — he’s Seth Meyers! NBC has extended Seth’s contract to host the show until at least 2021, which isn’t that far away but sounds so far away. In 2021, Seth will probably be hosting the show while wearing a self-drying jacket with a robot voice. Anyway, here’s to five more years, Seth. Clink!

Seth Meyers Will Host Late Night Until 2021