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Watch Sia, Natalie Portman, and Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Iko Iko,’ With Wigs, Cups, and Spoons

This is one of those videos that might keep you up at night with all the questions it generates. (Like, Where can I get a big domino like that? Or, Why Natalie Portman?) Still, it exists nonetheless, in all its mesmerizing, impressive, weirdly wonderful Sia glory. The only potential con or missed opportunity here is there’s no special Nat rap verse — but then again, this isn’t really a remix, so you get fun instrumentation in the form of spoons, plastic paint buckets, cups, billiard balls, and a deck of cards instead. Fair consolation? Roll the clip and decide.

Sia, Natalie Portman, Fallon Performed ‘Iko Iko’