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Smash Mouth Finally Weighs in on 50 Cent–Meek Mill Feud; a Hush Falls Over the Crowd

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If you haven’t been living under a rock or several rocks that spell out “I don’t care about hip-hop Instagram feuds,” then you probably know what’s been going on with 50 Cent and Meek Mill. Meek Mill sang a song about 50 Cent being gay, and 50 Cent is Instagramming pictures of poop with Meek Mill’s face on them. Welcome to 2016! So all this being said and done, the world asked: What does San Jose rock band Smash Mouth think of the 50 Cent–Meek Mill feud? Smash Mouth has spoken, er tweeted, and said: “@50cent Dude you’re an American Icon, why lower yourself to even comment on @MeekMill.” 50 would be smart to listen to Smash Mouth, because somebody once told Smash Mouth the world was gonna roll him, and now the world is rolling 50 Cent. Don’t lower yourself, 50! Like when someone threw bread at Smash Mouth and Smash Mouth was like, “You throw one more piece of shit on the fucking stage, I’m gonna come find your ass, I’m gonna beat your ass, whoever the fuck you are out there, okay?” Yeah, don’t do that!

Smash Mouth Weighs in on 50 Cent Meek Mill Feud