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Stephen Colbert Tells Activist DeRay Mckesson, ‘I Might Be the Whitest Person You’ve Ever Met’

We’re back in college, and it’s time to have a diversity — sorry, anti-oppression — workshop! Stephen Colbert, the whitest person alive (Really, Henry Louis Gates said so), had activist DeRay Mckesson on his show to discuss Campaign Zero, a ten-point plan to end police violence, and also to talk about matters of race and systemic injustice on a broader level. For instance, Colbert asked Mckesson how he might be able to start dismantling his white privilege, which he has loads of, so they begin by switching chairs, with Mckesson asking Colbert what he thinks he can do. After the Guerrilla Girls last week, this marks yet another famous activist Colbert has had on the show, which means Colbert is trying really hard to get you to have those conversations you’ve avoided for so long. Get woke, America.

Stephen Colbert Addresses His White Privilege