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Stephen Colbert Points Out the Failed Metaphor of the Bernie Sanders Ice Cream, ‘Bernie’s Yearning’

Ben Cohen, formerly of Ben & Jerry’s, decided to go it alone and dream up his own ice cream for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, which he inexplicably dubbed “Bernie’s Yearning.” It’s a mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, with a solid disc of chocolate on the top — a metaphor for inequality, see? “The chocolate disc represents the huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top one percent since the end of the recession. Beneath it, the rest of us,” Cohen explains on But as Stephen Colbert points out Wednesday night, this ice cream as a metaphor for the one percent could have been edited. Maybe a rich layer of marshmallow that sucks all the flavor from the rest of the ice cream on top?

Stephen Colbert on Bernie Sanders’s Ice Cream