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Steve Harvey Apologizes to Miss Colombia, She Accepts But Encourages Better Reading Practices

This week you’ll get to see Steve Harvey channel his best impression of 2015 Justin Bieber and formally apologize to Ariadna Gutiérrez for the whole Miss Universe incident. It is their first reunion (yep, it’s really, finally happening!). Miss Colombia appears on Tuesday’s installment of The Steve Harvey Show, as the finale of an emotional two-part special titled “Miss Universe: The Truth,” which kicked off today with a Miss Philippines sit-down:

Gutiérrez is being billed as the hardest interview Harvey’s ever done because the embattled host says he asked both women the questions that have been keeping him up at night. During the special, he also gets some sentiments off his chest — making it clear he was not intending to perform any sort of publicity stunt — to give audience members and viewers an honest glimpse at what really went down onstage that night.

Although Gutiérrez’s portion airs tomorrow, clips have already begun circulating online as a preview, including one of this long-awaited confrontation, which is really just a long hug:

And one of the tear-inducing apology (“I just want to say how sorry I am, I’m beyond sorry for what happened that night and that it was you”) itself:

And one glorious one of this ensuing reading tip and Oprah fantasy (if only):

So they both seem like they’re handling it well, but you can catch the whole thing tomorrow anyway.

Watch Steve Harvey Apologize to Miss Colombia