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Steven Moffat Is Leaving Doctor Who, Will Regenerate As Completely Different British Guy


Just like 11 Time Lords before him, Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who, to be replaced by another, slightly different British man. After six years at the helm, Moffat will step down as showrunner of the British sci-fi series at the end of its 2017 season, the BBC announced on Friday. (The only new Doctor Who between now and then will be a 2016 Christmas special.) The official cause of Moffat’s regeneration will not be radiation poisoning or a strange encounter on the planet Mondas, but rather his feeling that his “timey-wimey is running out.” He will be replaced by Broadchurch’s Chris Chibnall, who, true to form, looks a little bit like Moffat, but not too much.

Steven Moffat Is Leaving Doctor Who