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Ted Danson and Kristen Bell Will Star in New NBC Comedy Not About Three Men and One Baby

Kristen Bell of the Ball and Ted Handsome. Photo: Getty Images

Ted Danson is dancin’ his way away from the ol’ CCC, otherwise known as CBS’s CSI: Cyber (say that ten times fast) and toward NBC’s new comedy Good Place, Variety reports. It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but it is from Parks and Recreation showrunner Mike Schur, and stars Kristen Bell (and who knows, probably a sloth at some point). The show centers around Eleanor (Bell), a woman from New Jersey who comes to realize that she hasn’t been a very good person, so she decides to turn over a new leaf and make up for her past behavior. Ted Danson plays a guy named Michael (Ha! Classic Danson!) who comes to be Eleanor’s guide through her self-designed self-improvement course. Danson will be missed on Cyber, but Bell will not be missed on House of Lies, because if it’s renewed, the star will be juggling both series like a fancy showbiz clown.

Ted Danson & Kristen Bell to Star in NBC Series