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That Cool Stormtrooper From The Force Awakens Has a Name; Sadly, It’s Not ‘Cool Stormtrooper’

Twirling twirling twirling towards oppression.

Ever since The Force Awakens hit theaters, the people of the world have been haunted by questions such as, “Who are Rey’s parents?” “What is the meaning of love?” “Who is that awesome stormtrooper who gets to wield a badass stun-baton thing?” The answers to those questions have been, “We have a few clues,” “Oscar Isaac,” and “Who knows?” That is, until now. After the internet gifted the stormtrooper, whose sole purpose in the film is to shout “traitor” at John Boyega’s Finn and generally be a badass, the loving nickname TR-8R, Disney has stepped in to clarify things.

According to a post on the official Star Wars site, the awesome stormtrooper is in fact named FN-2199. He works in riot control and his baton is called a “Z6 baton.” FN-2199 pops up in Before the Awakening, a collection of three stories centered on characters from The Force Awakens, where we learn that he trained with Finn (who, remember, is known as FN-2187). FN-2199 goes by the fun nickname “Nines” and he has red hair. Nines probably also had a family — you know, before he was abducted by the First Order, his former ally betrayed him, and he was shot by Han Solo. Sic transit gloria, as they say.


That Baton-Wielding Stormtrooper Has a Name